Bottle Talk: Wes Fulmer – Motor Supply Co. Bistro

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In this episode of Bottle Talk, Stephanie Burt, host of the Southern Fork podcast, joins Wes Fulmer of Motor Supply Co. Bistro, a Columbia food scene fixture, to talk about wine pairings for desserts. Watch how they chose the best sparkling wine to pair with their famous Triple Citrus Cheesecake. They even gave us the recipe listed below!

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Triple Citrus Cheesecake with Apple Cider Reduction Recipe by Motor Supply Co. Bistro


1.5 cups of graham cracker crumbs, crushed

¾ cup sugar

1 cup butter

2 pounds of cream cheese, room temperature

4 eggs, room temperature

2 cups of sugar, separated

2 limes

2 lemons

2 oranges

3 cups apple cider


Separate 2 cups of sugar into three equal portions and zest one of the two pieces of each fruit into the sugar; blend until oils are released and set aside.

Build your crust by crushing the graham crackers, combine ¾ cup of sugar, and then add 1 cup of butter, melted. Pat down the mixture into an 8″ springform pan and par-bake for 10 minutes.

Blend cream cheese and all three of your citrus sugars for 10-15 minutes in a mixer. Halfway through, drop in your eggs one at a time.

Pour batter into your prepared crust and bake the cheesecake in a hotel pan filled halfway with water at 325ºF for 2 hours, or until the center has a very light jiggle. 

Prepare the cider reduction by pouring your cider in a heavy bottom pot, turn to medium-low heat, and reduce for 30-45 mins, which will thicken once cooled.

Let cheesecake and cider reduction cool completely before topping with cider reduction + your choice of garnishes. Enjoy!